Life is Beautiful

is it life is beautiful? and when can we consider that life is beautiful?

i need your opinion asap pls. :'(

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I think the beauty of life comes through in its major theme which is simply the "Power of love."

The true power of love is explored in this masterpiece. Guido's love keeps Giosuy alive through the harsh truths of the concentration camp. As always, Guido makes everything into a story and a game so that the little boy will remain hidden throughout their time there. Even when all the other children are murdered, Guido's stories convince Giosuy to remain hidden from the soldiers. Giosuy's desire for his very own tank keeps him focused on winning the game that Guido has created.

Not only does Guido show great love but so does Dora. Since she is not Jewish, Dora is not threatened by the concentration camps. However, when Guido and Giosuy are taken, she demands to go with them. Dora never sees either of the people she loves nor does she have any more time with Guido, but her love brings her to the concentration camp to share their fate.


I think beauty in life can often be found in the darkest of places. It isn't until we realize the ugliness of life that we can discover the beauty in it. I'm certainly not saying I'd like to march off to a concentration camp but I can contemplate how much easier it is to find beauty in the face of misery.