Letter From Birmingham Jail

King refers to the holocaust to explain that people are morally obligated to act against unjust laws. Why does he use the holocaust as an example? What connections does he make? Consider the social/political context in the U.S at time letter written.

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Dr. King reminds the clergymen that the Nazi program in Germany was “legal,” while freedom fighters often commit “illegal action.” He argues that he would have broken Hitler’s law and given aid to a Jew had he lived there at that time, and suggests he is doing the same thing here and now (176).

What the Nazi example drives home is that the law can be a crutch, a support system to protect the privilege of the majority. Yet again, each individual must work to fight injustice - within and outside of themselves. And those who purport to be moral leaders – like the clergymen – ought to show a special sensitivity to these concerns.