Let the Circle be Unbroken

what events, actions and conversations can be tied to the theme of the sermon

chapter 6 or 7

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The theme of the sermon:

Reverend Gabson began to expound on the theory that too many of us were like King Herod, suspicious and jealous of someone who wasn't even thinking about us, and that we should be loving out neighbors instead of sitting around worrying about what they were doing."

Shortly after the sermon we have a conversation (heated argument) about Cousin Bud's wife (he married a white woman). Everyone becomes very upset by the marriage and various conversations deal with the feelings and emotions about mixed marriage.

The conversation between Bud and Mary deals with his wife's determination that their daughter be raised white because it will be easier for her in the long run. He tells Mary that although she loves him, she's also ashamed.

Uncle Hammer says he doesn't respect Bud for his marriage;

"Ain't gotta resepct no fool."

Stacey is appalled;

"Boy, you get that outa your head right now! Can't love anybody white and don't you never try!"

And finally, Bud's feelings and the tie to the sermon....... remember the Pastor's warning that everyone worry about themselves.

"I guess I'll never quite get over it, how people take the news I'm married to a white woman. Lord, I get to feeling quite guilty 'bout it, like I stuck a knife in somebody or somethin. Lydia, she feels the same. That's why she's gone, just couldn't take it any longer."


Let the Circle be Unbroken