Important Quotations from Kindred

  1. Dana describes Kevin: "He was an unusual-looking white man, his face young, almost unlined, but his hair completely gray and his eyes so pale as to be almost colorless….I looked away startled, wondering whether I had really seen anger there. Maybe he was more important in the warehouse than I had thought. Maybe he had some authority..." (Kindred, p. 54)
  2. Rufus burns Dana's books: "The fire flared up and swallowed the dry paper, and I found my thoughts shifting to Nazi book burnings. Repressive societies always seemed to understand the danger of ‘wrong’ ideas." (Kindred, p. 141)
  3. Dana recounting her family's reaction to her marrying a white man: "I think my aunt accepts the idea of my marrying you because any children we have will be light. LIghter than I am, anyway. She always said I was a little too ‘highly visible’ ...She doesn’t care much for white people but she prefers light-skinned blacks. Figure that out. Anyway, she ‘forgives’ me for you. But my uncle doesn’t. he’s sort of taken this’s as though I’ve rejected him...he was more hurt than mad. Honestly hurt….he wants me to marry someone like him—someone who looks like him. A black man." (Kindred, p. 111)
  4. Dana describing time traveling: “I began to feel dizzy, nauseated. The room seemed to blur and darken around me. I stayed on my feet for a moment holding on to a bookcase and wondering what was wrong, then finally, I collapsed to my knees” (Kindred, p. 13).
  5. Dana being whipped: "All I was really aware of was the pain. I thought Weylin meant to kill me. I thought I would die on the ground there with a mouth full of dirt and blood and a white man cursing and lecturing as he beat me. By then, I almost wanted to die. Anything to stop the pain. I vomited. And I vomited again because I couldn’t move my face away." (Kindred, p. 107)
  6. Weylin, to Dana: "Educated n*gger don’t mean smart n*gger, do it?" (Kindred, p. 175)
  7. Dana, thinking about Kevin being stuck in the 1800s for an extended period of time: "“A place like this would endanger him in a way I didn’t want to talk to him about. If he was stranded here for years, some part of this place would rub off on him. No large part, I knew. [...] The place, the time would either kill him outright or mark him somehow. I didn’t like either possibility.” (Kindred, p. 77)

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