• Kipling's father John Lockwood Kipling was the curator of the old, original Lahore Museum, and is described in the scene where Kim meets the Lama. The present Lahore Museum building was completed later.
  • The gun in front of the Lahore Museum described in the first chapter is an existing piece called Zamzama, sometimes referred to as Kim's gun.
  • The 'Gate of the Harpies' where Mahbub Ali is made unconscious and searched by the treacherous prostitute 'Flower of Delight' and her 'smooth-faced Kashmiri' pimp, still exists in the old city of Lahore, Pakistan. It is known as the 'Heera Mandi' and is in the Taxali Gate area. Prostitution is still a common trade there.[7]
  • Kim dreams of a "Red bull in a green field" which he recognises when he sees a military formation ensign of a bull on a green background. The formation ensign is still used by a military formation in Ambala Cantonment in India. Even in the book the formation ensign belonged to an establishment in Ambala. A yellow bull in a red field is the sleeve patch for the Delhi and Rajasthan Area formation of the Indian Army.[8]
  • The Jang-i-Lat sahib (Urdu:War Lord/Commander-in-Chief)who comes to dinner to Col. Creighton's house, is in fact based on the real British Indian Army general, Field Marshal Lord Roberts of Kandahar, who was known to both John Lockwood and Rudyard Kipling.[9]
  • St Xavier's School, Lucknow, where Kim is sent to study, is in fact based on the La Martiniere Lucknow college.[10]
  • The small Simla shop of Lurgan sahib, with all its antiques and curios etc, was based on a real shop, once run in Simla's bazaar by AM Jacob , a person who might have been the model for Lurgan himself.[11]

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