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by Rudyard Kipling

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  • Kimball "Kim" O'Hara – is an orphan son of an Irish soldier, the protagonist; "A poor white, the poorest of the poor"
  • Teshoo Lama – a Tibetan Lama, the former abbot of the Such-zen monastery in the western Himalayas, on a spiritual journey
  • Mahbub Ali – a famous Ghilzai Pashtun horse trader and spy for the British
  • Colonel Creighton – British Army officer, ethnologist and spy
  • Lurgan Sahib – a Simla gem trader and master spy
  • Hurree Chunder Mookherjee (Hurree Babu, also the Babu) – a Bengali intelligence operative working for the British; Kim's direct superior
  • the Kulu woman (the Sahiba)
  • the Woman of Shamlegh (Lispeth) who helps Kim and the Lama to evade the Russian spies and return to the plains
  • the old soldier – a native officer who had been loyal to the British during the Mutiny
  • Reverend Arthur Bennett – the Church of England chaplain of the Mavericks, the Irish regiment to which Kim's father belonged
  • Father Victor – the Roman Catholic chaplain of the Mavericks
  • a Lucknow prostitute whom Kim pays to help disguise him
  • a Kamboh farmer whose sick child Kim helps to cure
  • Huneefa – a sorceress who performs a devil invocation ritual to protect Kim
  • E.23 – a spy for the British whom Kim helps avoid capture

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