What plan do David and Alan come up with? How does David find Mr. Rankeillor's house?

From chapters 25-30

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. In the morning, they bought cheese and bread. After they had left, Alan asked David about the lass who had served them. Alan was glad that David found her pretty and devised a plan to make her feel sorry for David so that she would help them get a boat. David did not want to trick her but finally agreed. Alan told the girl how ill David was and how much they needed to cross the river because they were in trouble. The girl felt very sorry for David but was not convinced to help until David told her how he wanted to see Mr. Rankeillor. David wandered in front of a large house with a dog out front. He envied the dog, lazy and carefree. While David was staring, a man exited the house and came toward David. David gathered his nerves and asked the man for directions to Mr. Rankeillor. As luck would have it, the man was Mr. Rankeillor.