Juno and the Paycock


"I ofen looked up at the sky an' assed meself the question – what is the moon, what is the stars?" – Captain Boyle, Act I

"Th' whole worl's in a terrible state o' chassis" – Captain Boyle, Act III . The Final line of the play.

"Never tired o' lookin' for a rest" – Juno Boyle, Act I

"it's nearly time we had a little less respect for the dead, an' a little more regard for the living." – Juno Boyle, Act II

"Isn't all religions curious?-if they weren't you wouldn't get anyone to believe in them" – Captain Boyle, Act II

"It'll have what's far better- it'll have two mothers" – Juno Boyle, Act III

"A darlin' (noun), a daarlin' (repeat noun)!" (Joxer's habitual exclamation throughout the play.)

"It doesn't matter what you say, ma – a principle's a principle." – Mary Boyle speaking about the strike

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