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salam,plz i want detail summary of the prose'THE GENTLE SHAKESPEARE BY SIR WALTER RALEIGH'

this prose is in mah course and it is available in MODERN ENGLISH PROSE"BY GUY BOAS,MA.Plz help me i want detail summary and some information about it.

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i dnt knw

litrature in the time of queen elizbeth was very strong and perfect tht was the reason england england govern the difrnt parts of the world..that litrature was very helpfull for british ppl...that time created difrnt poets.one and most famous was shakespear.he suported very much his country due to his thoughts..his poetrys were consist of big amount of thoughts...and lights for british ppl..most importnt thing in his poetry was"love between humanbeings"he adviced his ppl of europe for tolrance....he used to hate cruelness.unkindness...however tht was on a poor deer...he was not just national poet of british was also their teacher.he told them wht he saw with them in citys and jungls..he was on the side of inteligence but whn intlgnce becmz havy on heart...thn he ll take side of heart rather...his plays r translated in all world.his poetry will lead always in good way



In this chapter Sir Walter Ralegh first tells us tht England has been through alot.Thy were at tht time in dark age bt thn Elizabethan period came tht brought Renissance.People stood against the Churches and the Pope and stood fr there rights.People started discovring new things.In this period poets played an important role in bring a grt change in tht time.The most important person or poet was Shakespeare. Ralegh admired Shakespeare alot and he was not only a grt fan of his work,,his dramas,his poetry bt he admired Shakespeare as well. He says tht no one can understand wt he really meant in his work.Shakespeare was a person who hated pedantry he was so against it.He always represented the people nt just himself.There was something interesting in his plays tht one finds after watching thm or reading thm through heart.His poetry is like a sea full of thoughts ,feelings,emotions.His world of sea is very mysterious.Under tht sea he hides the grt treasures of knowledge of feelings.He questions everything but when it comes to God made he keeps quite.Shakespeare has tolerence to imperfection,weakness.He was an inspiration nt only fr England bt fr whole Europe.He was a natural writer and a grt observer.He hates cruelty.If he ever find himself in such situations tht had a clash btw the mind and the heart he always moved back and was always on the side of feelings.He respected the feelings of heart and he knew tht thy meant alot.Ralegh thinks English people are compromising and Shakespeare had strong compromising in him.To him Thoughts are actually inspired where as Heart was insticts.The English people knew him best becoz he was one of thm to thm he was nt a poet or a dramatist bt a human an English man.Ralegh says tht even if other people of diff countires admire him or love him thy could never understand him or love him as much as his own people coz he was theres.England owned him.The people or forginers did coppied his dramas and poetry bt it didnt had Shakespeare in thm.When thy translated his work in there language it lost its value it wasnt tht anymore.Thy lost the essance of Shakespeare.Though he was revisied by critics still he had a closely touch with his people.Shakespeare he was to the forginers a poet,dramatics his work.But the English thy donot only love him fr his work,his passion,his writing ,his poetry but fr his humanity,his heart,his feelings.He was theres he was not just a writer but an Englishman a human.



plz can any one help me to find out the literary devices used in the gentle Shakespeare by walter Raleigh including in 4th year