Journey to the Center of the Earth Themes

Journey to the Center of the Earth Themes

Faith vs Doubt

Jules Verne wanted to show the difference between faith and doubt. He percieved that in his characters. Professor Lidenbrock had eternal faith since the beginning of the story. He was positive that he will decipher the parchment. Trying for days to decipher the parchment, he never gave up. When he finally deciphered it, he insisted on going to that volcano despite the fact that it's dangerous and might erupt at any time. He had faith that what was written was original and right. Axel, in contrast, was always dubious. He tried his best to persuade his uncle to stop the journey. However, his efforts were futile. Even in the middle of the journey, he always feared death. When they were involved in travail situations, Axel always thought it was the end and they would die. Nevertheless, his uncle believed that they could get out of trouble one way or another. In the end, faith won, and they returned safely to their homeland.

Quest for Discovery

The whole story's idea centers around Professor Lidenbrock's quest to find the center of the Earth, and to know if Arne Saknussemm really went to the deepest part of Earth. Moreover, he discovered more than he expected, from extinct species that lived in the center of the Earth to oceans and yellow forests. His quest to discover more about Arne and the center of the Earth was successful.

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