Journey to the Center of the Earth Characters

Journey to the Center of the Earth Character List


Axel is the protagonist of the story and Professor Lidenbrock's nephew and assistant. Axel lives with his uncle because his parents died when he was young and his uncle decided to take care of him. He loves working with his uncle and being taught by him about Earth and its minerals. When Lidenbrock decides to go to the centre of the earth, Axel tries to stop his uncle from going. Throughout the story, Axel had been pessimistic about their trip and always thought it was the end of their lives.


He is Axel's uncle and mentor. Lidenbrock works as a professor for geology and minerology. He is so famous that people come from around the world to attend his lectures. Professor Lidenbrock is a hardworking man. He didn't sleep or eat for several days until he deciphered the parchment. He is an optimistic man, for he was always sure of their success in reaching the center of the earth and making a new, unbelievable discovery.


He is the guide of Axel and Lidenbrock during their journey to the center of the earth. He was a calm, wise man, and he did not talk much during the trip. He was Icelandic man who came to help them get to Sneffels.

Snorri Sturlasson

He was the author of the old Icelandic book Lidenbrock found the parchment in.

Arne Saknussemm

He was the owner of the old Icelandic book before Lidenbrock owned it, and he wrote the parchment in a secret code to be deciphered. He went to the center of the earth before and wrote a parchment where he wrote the location of the center of the earth and how to get to it.


Professor Lidenbrock's cook.

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