Johnny Tremain

Do you consider Johnny and Rab heroes of the American Revolutionary War?

do you consider johnny and rab heros of the American Revolutionary war/ Why or Why not? explain uing details from story to support response

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I find both Johnny and Rab to be heroic figures. They're young, idealistic, and unafraid to help a common cause during the Revolutionary War. Rab becomes Johnny's role-model, and although Johnny sometimes waivers in his beliefs and actions.... Rab does not. Both boys put themselves in danger, but Rab, the more careful of the two, teaches Johnny patience and urges him to control his compulsiveness. They each take part in the Boston Tea-Party, spy, and participate in activities to promote the victory of the revolutionaries. Rab fights with the revolutionaries, and Johnny plays a huge part because of his abiility to get and deliver information about the upcoming assault on Charlestown to Paul Revere.


Johnny Tremain