Jane Eyre

what will be the situation or story if there was no bertha mason(means unmarried Mr.Rochester)?

Did Rochester had approach to Jane or will he be nice to Jane?

Rochester get marry to Blanche Ingram??

What i think the reason Rochester was marring to Jane because he knew no other lady will marry knowing he already have a wife locked inside room. And As Jane is a employes of Rochester and Rochester is giving her equality by marring her she will always be great-full to him so this may be the thinking of Rochester but As there is no Bertha Mason and Rochester is also Unmarred he can get any girl he want, did she still marry to Jane or treat her As he treated her?

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Every character supports different themes. If you take one out, the themes and continuity of the book is altered. Let's examine Bertha Mason. Bertha occasionally escapes from her prison and wreaks havoc in the house; her last outburst involves setting fire to Thornfield and leaping to her own death. As the representation of the classic Gothic figure of "The Madwoman in the Attic," Bertha is both pitiable and terrifying and supports Bronte's critique of gender inequalities and Victorian marriage during the period. Without Bertha, the context of Rochester's role in the book changes and hence, Jane has a different experience.