Jane Eyre

what is the significance of dreams and supernatural in jane eyre and how do they affect the life of jane?

do the dreams of jane help her or confuse her?

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Jane's dreams, particularly day dreams, are really part of her personality. Jane is passionate and vivacious. As the story unfolds, Jane learns to suppress her imaginings to at least play the part of a proper "Victorian woman". Although Jane keeps her dreams in check they still affect her life. Not content to become a school marm at Lowood, Jane sets out for something more. The supernatural is also a part of Jane's passions. The whole red room incident with her gothic and macabre visions symbolize her tormented state of mind at that moment. Jane sees beyond the ordinary drabness of Victorian realities. Jane also feels the Gothic lure of Thornfield Hall, "strange, indeed, by the pallid gleam of moonlight." Jan's superstitions are an extension of her passions which allow her to become the creative and unique personality that she is.