Ivanhoe Summary

Ivanhoe Summary

Almost 130 years have passed since the Battle of Hastings (1066), when Norman Duke William the Conqueror defeated the Anglo-American troops and took over England. English people are going through hard times. King Richard the Lionheart has not returned from the last crusade, and has been imprisoned by the treacherous Duke of Austria. Place of his detention is not known. Meanwhile, the king's brother, Prince John, recruits supporters, wanting in the case of the death of Richard to remove the rightful heir from power and grab the throne. A clever schemer, Prince John is wreaking havoc across the country, fueling a long-standing feud between the Saxons and the Normans.

Proud thane Cedric Rotherwood does not give up a hope to throw off the Norman yoke, and to revive the former power of the Saxons, to put in charge of the liberation movement descendant of the royal family Athelstane of Conigsburgh. However, blunt and unadventurous Sir Athelstane provokes distrust. To give more weight to his figure, Cedric wants to marry Athelstane with his ward, the Lady Rowena, the last representative of the genus King Alfred family. When in the way of these plans stood attachment of Lady Rowena to Cedric’s son Wilfred Ivanhoe, inflexible thane banished his son from the parental home and disinherited.

And now Ivanhoe clothing as a Pilgrim secretly returns home from the Crusades. Not far from his father's estate the detachment of the commander of the Order of Templar Brian de Boisguillebert catches him up, which goes to joust in Ashby de la Zouch. Caught on his way by bad weather, he decides to ask Cedric of overnight. The hospitable house of the noble thane is open to everyone, even to the Jew Isaac of York, who joins the guests already during the meal. Boisguillebert, who also has visited Palestine, shows off at the table about his exploits in the name of the Holy Sepulcher. Pilgrim defends the honor of Richard and his brave warriors, and on behalf of Ivanhoe, had once won Templar at a duel, accepts the challenge to fight with the arrogant commander. When guests go to their rooms, pilgrim advises Isaac quietly to leave the house of Cedric - he heard Boisguillebert gave his servants the order to seize the Jew. Insightful Isaac, who has noticed under wanderers' garment spurs, in gratitude gives him a note to his relative-merchant, in which he asks to give the pilgrim armor and warhorse.

Tournament at Ashby, attended by the cream of British chivalry, and even in the presence of Prince John, has attracted worldwide attention. Knights organizers, among them is the arrogant Brian de Boisguillebert, gain the confidence with one victory by another. But when it seemed that no one else dares to speak out against the instigators and the outcome of the tournament is obvious, the arena meets a new fighter with the motto "Deprived of Legacy" on his board, who dares to call to the death fight the very Templar. Opponents converge for several times, and their spears scatter into debris. All the sympathy of the audience is on the side of the brave stranger - and he is lucky: Boisguillebert falls from his horse, and the fight ends. Then the Knight Deprived of Legacy fights with every instigator and takes victories over them. As the winner he has to choose the queen of love and beauty, and puts a crown at the feet of beautiful Rowena.

The next day the overall tournament is held: the party of the knight Deprived of Legacy is fighting against Brian de Boisguillebert’s party. The templar is supported support by almost all the instigators. They jostle the young stranger, and if not for the help of the mysterious Black Knight, he would hardly have succeeded for the second time to be the hero of the day. The queen of love and beauty should put on the head of the winner of the crown of honor. But when the marshals remove helmet from the stranger’s head, she sees a pale as death Ivanhoe falling at her feet bleeding from wounds.

Meanwhile, Prince John received a messenger note: "Be careful - the devil is gone down from chains." This means that his brother Richard got freedom. Prince is in a panic as well as his supporters. To gain their loyalty, John promises them rewards and honors. Norman knight Maurice de Bracy, for example, he offers Lady Rowena as a wife – the bride is rich, beautiful and noble. De Bracy is delighted and decides to attack the detachment of Cedric on the way to Ashby and to kidnap the beautiful Rowena.

Proud of his son’s victory, but still does not want to forgive him, Cedric with a heavy heart sets on his way back home. The news that the wounded Ivanhoe was carried away to some rich lady inflames in him only resentment. On their way Isaac of York with his daughter Rebecca join the cavalcade of Cedric and Athelstane. They were also t the tournament and ask to take them under protection - not so much for themselves but for the sake of their sick friend, whom they accompany. But when travelers go deep into the forest they are pounced by a group numerous of robbers, and they all are imprisoned.

Cedric and his companions are taken to the fortified castle of Front-de Befana. The leader of the "thieves" are Boisguillebert and De Bracy, as Cedric guess seeing the battlements of the castle. "If Cedric can not rescue England, he is ready to die for it," - he throws his challenge to the invaders.

De Bracy meanwhile does to Lady Rowena, and confessing everything to her, tryies to win her disposition. But the proud beauty is inexorable, only hving learnt that Wilfred of Ivanhoe is also in the castle (that he was in Isaac’s stretcher), begs the knight to save him from death.

But no matter how hard it is for Lady Rowena, much greater danger threatens Rebecca. Brian de Boisguillebert is captivated by her beauty, and now he tries to persuade her to run away with him. Rebecca is ready to prefer death to shame, but her full of indignation fearless refusal only gives rise to the Templar’s confidence that he has met the woman of his destiny, his soul mate.

Meanwhile, around the castle are gathered teams of free yeomen, brought by the servants of Cedric. The siege is ruled by the Black Knight, who has once already come Ivanhoe to the rescue. Under the blows of his ax a huge castle gate cracks and breaks up, and the stones and logs, flying over his head from the walls, annoy him no more than raindrops. Rebecca having got in the confusion of battle into the room tells bedridden Ivanhoe what's going on around. Reproaching herself for tender feelings towards him, she could not leave him in such a dangerous moment. The Black Knight fatally wounds de Fron Befana, and takes De Bracy prisoner. And the strange thing is that the proud Norman resigns himself to his fate. Suddenly the castle is in flames. The Black Knight barely manages to get Ivanhoe into the open air. Boisguillebert grabs fiercely resisted Rebecca, and sets her on the horse of one of the slaves, and tries to escape from the trap. However, in pursuit of him rushes Athelstan, who decided that the Templar has kidnapped Lady Rowena. The sharp sword of the Templar forcefully falls on the head of the ill-fated Saxon, and he falls to the ground dead.

On leaving the dilapidated castle Cedric thanked free lances for the help, and followed by a stretcher with the body of Athelstane Koningsburgskogo, goes to his estate. The Black Knight parts ways with his loyal assistants, as his journey is not over. The leader of the shooters Loxley gives his horn and says to blow into it in the case of danger. De Bracy at top speed goes to Prince John to tell him the terrible news – Richard is in England. Cowardly and dastardly Prince sends his chief henchman Woldemar Fitz Ursa to grab, and even better to kill Richard.

Boisguillebert is hiding with Rebecca at the monastery of the knights Temple Templstou. Arrived Beaumanoir with the purpose of checking finds many shortcomings, most notably it is lack of discipline of the templars. When he learns that in these walls a captivated Jew is hiding, having, in all probability, an affair with one of the brothers of Order, he decides to throw over her judgment, and accuse her of witchcraft - because what if not witchcraft explains her power over the Commander? Severe ascetic Beaumanoir considers that the execution of Jewish women will be cleansing sacrifice for the sins of the Knights of the Temple. In a brilliant speech, has won sympathy even of her enemies, Rebecca denies all accusations and demands a duel: let the one who will be called to defend her with the sword proves her innocence.

Meanwhile, the Black Knight, wading through forests encounters an ambush. Fitz Urse could have fulfilled his nefarious plans, and King of England could have fallen by treacherous hands, if it have not been for the sharpshooters led by Locksley, who had heard the sound of the horn. The knight finally reveals his incognito: he is Richard, the rightful king of England. Loxley also reveals his identity, he is Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest. Here the company is caught up by Wilfred of Ivanhoe, travelling from Saint-Botolfskogo Abbey, where he was recovering from his wounds to Koningsburg Castle. Forced to wait until his supporters gather enough strength, Richard goes with him. In the castle he persuades Cedric to forgive the rebellious son and give him a wife Lady Rowena. To his request joins risen from the dead, or rather, never dead, but merely stunned Sir Athelstane. The stormy events of the last days repulsed his ambitious dreams. However, in the midst of the conversation Ivanhoe suddenly disappears - he is urgently called by a Jew, as the servant reported.

In the monastery of Templstou everything is ready for the dues. But there is no a knight, willing to fight for the honor of Rebecca with Boisguillebert. If the defender does not appear before sunset, Rebecca will be burnt alive. And the rider appears, his horse nearly falls from exhaustion, and he barely is kept in the saddle. It is Wilfred of Ivanhoe, and Rebecca trembles with excitement for him. The opponents meet and Wilfred falls, unable to withstand the well-aimed blow of the Templar. However, from the fleeting touch of Ivanhoe’s spear Boisguillebert falls and does not stand up. The grandmaster declares Rebecca free and innocent.

Having taken his rightful place on the throne, Richard forgives his dissolute brother. Cedric finally agrees to the wedding of Lady Rowena and his son, and Rebecca with her father leave England for good. Ivanhoe happily lived with Rowena. They loved each other even more because they have experienced so many obstacles.

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