Ivanhoe Characters

Ivanhoe Character List

Cedric the Saxon

Cedric is more than just a Sax0n; he is the lord and master of Rotherwood. The land holding may be small, but during the reign of Britain’s Richard I, a little land could take a person a long way. Cedric is utterly devoted to his Saxon ways and hellbent on living long enough to see the day when they win their independence. Part of that Saxony dream involves marrying off his beautiful young ward, Lady Rowena, to Athelstane of Coningsburgh.

Athelstane of Conigsburgh

Why Athelstane? Because his claim to the Saxon reign should independence ever arrive goes deep. Athelstane can trace his lineage back to the ancient kings who ruled the Saxons when they ruled were poised to rule the world.

Lady Rowena

While the fate of Cedric’s dream of a return of Saxon glory hang on the long beautiful tresses of the fair Rowena, the lady herself has eyes only for Ivanhoe. And quite the romance these two have! Not realizing that Ivanhoe is in disguise, Rowena rises to take her place as the queen of the tournament at Ivanhoe’s request and only learns the true identity of the mysterious knight once his victory is declared.

Wilfred of Ivanhoe

Ivanhoe is in disguise because he is returned from the Crusades. Taking on the appearance of a pilgrim, he has joined up with Isaac of York and his daughter Rebecca while on their journey to the tournament. Upon winning the tournament, he collapses and is taken captive along with the Jewish Isaac. While held at Torquilstone, Ivanhoe is rescued by another person in disguise: King Richard.

Richard the Lion-Hearted

Richard the Lion-Hearted has secretly returned to England in the guise of the “Black Sluggard” and quickly sets to demonstrating his valor, courage and chivalry by saving the life of Ivanhoe before heading up a siege against the defenses of Torquilstone. After the siege, the true identity of the Black Sluggard is revealed.


The beautiful young Jewish girl who attends to Ivanhoe’s wounds during his captivity at Torquilstone. During the siege led by Richard, she is kidnapped by a smitten member of the Knights Templar only to wind up being put on trial for witchcraft upon reaching their temple.

Isaac of York

Rebecca’s father is the person responsible for Ivanhoe possessing a horse and armor necessary to take part in the tournament which he wins. Isaac is on the verge of being tortured by those wanting to know the whereabouts of his treasure when the siege at the castle commences. His freedom comes at the price of a ransom. Upon news of Rebecca’s abduction, he beseeches Ivanhoe to save her. Upon her safe return, Isaac makes the wise decision to kiss Britain goodbye and head for Spain.

Robin Hood

Yes, Robin Hood. That Robin Hood. Robin of Locksley in Ivanhoe proves that outlaw heroes hardly began with the movies of the 70s. Robin wins an archery contest, helps out Richard during the siege of Torquilstone and ultimately becomes just a hero rather than an outlaw hero once Richard re-assumes his right place on the throne. At some point, many readers have to wonder why Sir Walter Scott didn’t just make Robin Hood the hero of his romance.

Friar Tuck

Well, you can’t make Robin Hood a vital character in your story without having a certain chufty little monk along as his trusty companion, right? His highlight is a meal he prepares for Richard.

Prince John

So who is in charge of England while King Richard the Lion-Hearted has been off to Palestine taking part in the Crusades? His contemptuous and supercilious kid brother. The spare has made a grab to take the throne for himself while the one true heir was thousands of miles away on mission of God. Suffice to say that things do not go well with John’s attempts to depend on the assistance of the Normans in his power grab.

Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert

Sir Brian is the Templar with an eye for Rebecca who abducts her but later leaves her to face the fate of the Templar witch hunters. His fate is eventually sealed through a doomed encounter with Rebecca’s rescuer, Ivanhoe.

Lucas de Beaumanoir

The despicable head of the Tempars who sits in judgment over the trial of Rebecca on charges of being a witch. Once Richard regains the throne, the Templar order of which de Beaumanoir is the head is disbanded.

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