Invisible Man

literary criticism to invisible man

what are the literary theories that can we discuss in invisible man,& what do they say?

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The literary theories approached in the Invisible Man are; racism as an obstacle to individual identity, limitations of ideology, and the conflict of stereotyping. Our narrator experiences a conflict between self-perception and the projection of other, something that leads him to his state on invisibility. His self imposed isolation eventually enables him understand himself and gain that identity, which in turn allows him to rejoin society.

Our author also uses the novel to promote an individualistic political philosophy, rejecting all types of ideology. He also depicts black nationalism and communism.

Ellison also approaches what he believes to be a stereotypical battle between people of the same race. He notes that people must learn to see each other as individuals rather than in groups, and that any other perspective has a negative impact on black progress.


Invisible Man