Invisible Man

give the character sketch of griffin?

novel the invisible man

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golem from lord of the rings

Griffin, the protagonist of the story, aka the invisible man, is known to be mysterious, desolate and implosive. He could never feel belongingness to a larger community. The novel opens with the stranger's arrival at the inn 'Coach and Horses', muffled up entirely in white bandage from head to toe. His pink nose was the only thing that was visible. He was dressed in a long black coat and a black brimmed hat concealing almost his entire face. During his time at the inn, he tries his best to conceal his identity. He hated audience of any kind, and abruptly cut short anyone who tried to talk to him. This way, Griffin had created an atmosphere of mystery and a doubt of deceit in the inn. His strange behaviour further gave in to rumours of him being associated with anarchy, theft and insanity. Griffin tries to keep his calm but fails to succeed when Mrs.Hall, the innkeeper, demands explanations from him. He finally reveals his identity and resolves at starting a reign of terror.


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