Into Thin Air Characters

Into Thin Air Character List

Jon Krakauer

Narrator and author of Into Thin Air. Has always had a passion of climbing. Writer hired to write an article about Mt. Everest, decides to climb it while he is there. Climber on Rob Hall's team. Survives, piecing together what happened on the mountain during the blizzard for his novel.

Rob Hall

Jon's guide, guide for Adventure Consultants. Excellent climber and typically sticks to a set schedule. Goes back on his schedule the day of the summit push. Very loyal to customers, won't leave one of his clients for oxygen, ultimately resulting in his death.

Scott Fischer

Guide of the other expedition, Mountain Madness. Competitive friendship with Rob Hall. Seems invincible, and underestimates his own weakness. Gets very sick on the summit and dies, not too far off from Rob Hall's body.

Andy Harris

Not an extremely experience guide on Rob Hall's team. He and Jon form a bond over the course of the expedition. Jon mistakingly thinks Andy wandered into camp, but he actually died bringing Rob Hall oxygen. Extremely loyal to Rob. This mistake caused unnecessary heartbreak for his family.

Sandy Pittman

Rich woman trying to conquer all Seven Summits. Is very much helped throughout the whole process by Scott Fischer's team. Gets caught in the blizzard with several others, coming very close to death.

Doug Hansen

Client on Rob Hall's team coming back after narrowly missing the summit last time. Jon becomes friends with him and desperately wants him to make it this time. Runs out of oxygen at the summit with Rob, who won't leave him. Rob radios saying "he's gone"; dead.

Neal Beidleman

Loyal guide on Scott Fischer's team. When caught in the blizzard, he blindly makes his way back to camp to get help for the other clients he was with. Extremely heroic.

Anatoli Boukreev

Guide on Scott Fischer's team, typically goes without supplemental oxygen. Is told to hold up the rear, but goes ahead leaving his clients. Goes back for the clients in the blizzard when he gets word from Beidleman.

Beck Weathers

Part of the group that is stranded in the storm. When help comes, he is presumed dead. Several hours later, in freezing conditions with no oxygen, Beck makes his way into camp. He somehow survives, despite the trauma.

Lopsang Jangbu Sherpa

Fischer's main sherpa, extremely loyal to him. While going up to the summit, he short ropes Sandy Pittman to preserve her energy. When he sees Beck made it back, he goes to try and save Fischer but is unsuccessful.

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