Into the Wild

Into the wild Chapter 11~15

In Chapter 11 we learn from Krakauer's interview with Chri's parents, that Chris resented his parents' financial --- Why was this ironic?


What was Chris' connection with the homeless as a teenaged high school student?


In Chapter 12, we find out why Chris hated his father so much. What did he learn in California that turned him against father?


Upon learnig that Chris had starved to death, explain the different responses in regards to food that Carine, Billie and Walt had?


Chapters 14 and 15 relate Krakauer's two attempts at climbing Devils Thumb. Why is Krakauer's first attempt a failure?

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This is ironic because the same money allowed Chris to experience an excellent university education and have the luxury to have a car and take his trips, including his odyssey into Alaska.

You need to ask each of your other questions separately.