Into the Wild

Chapter 17 Into the Wild Questions

1. What did Krakauer and his companions find that would have allowed Chris to get across the river relatively easily?

2. What did Andy Horowitz (Chris’ childhood friend) say about Chris?

3. As Krakauer and his party move through the brush on the Stampede Trail, what type of tracks do they see that put the party “on edge?”

4. What told Gordon Samel and Ken Thompson immediately that Chris “didn’t know what the hell he was doing” in Alaska? Were they right about this?

5. Why did the bus “smell like dead birds?”

6. Why, according to Krakauer, did Chris have to make a belt?

7. Where does the party sleep at night?

8. Give one quote that from this chapter that you would consider a key or crucial quote. Make sure you use quotation marks and give the page number.

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A year after McCandless wanted to cross the river, Krakauer stands on the other side, also wanting to cross, with three companions. Krakauer has a map that shows that there is a gauging station only half a mile downstream, which has a wire crossing the river, and a basket that one can ride across in. When they get to the station, they see that the basket is on the far side of the river, and it had been there when McCandless wanted to cross—had he known about it, he easily could have crossed to safety. McCandless, however, wanted to be on uncharted territory, and so didn’t carry a good map with him.

Please ask your questions separately.


2. What did Andy Horowitz (Chris’ childhood friend) say about Chris?


Into the wild