Into the Wild

chapter 12

Chapter 12

1. What did Chris give Walt that made him really emotional (at his graduation)?

2. What did Chris discover about his father when he visited the El Segundo neighborhood in California?

3. What sort of classes did Chris seem to prefer at Emory?

4. Why did Chris support the Republican party?

5. Where did Chris take the Datsun in the summer of 1989?

6. What did Billie McCandless dream in July, 1992?

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1) Chris gave his dad an expensive telescope and a moving speech of thanks.

2) Chris found out that his father had continued his relationship with his first wife in secret long after falling in love with Billie and fathering Chris, even fathering another son with her.

3) Chris’s academic interests and passions grow more and more towards issues like poverty, racism, and world hunger, he declares himself an ardent fan of Ronald Reagan, and co-founds a College Republican Club at Emory.

4) He supported the Republican Party because of his admiration for Reagan.

5) Chris drives to Fairbanks, Alaska.

6) In July of 1992, Billie wakes up in the middle of the night, completely convinced she has heard Chris calling for her to help him.