Interpreter of Maladies

Sanjeev & Twinkle

What type of wife does Sanjeev expect? How does it compare to what he gets?

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Sanjeev wants a traditional wife, a wife who will make sure that the house is clean and supper is on the table when he returns home at night. Twinkle does not fit the definition of wife that Sanjeev has come to expect.

Throughout, Sanjeev doubts their connection, commitment, and even the nature of love. But he is a person who has never experienced love and, in some ways, his story is his coming of age. Twinkle is more open to contentment and wonder – which Sanjeev labels as “childish.” The fight that Twinkle initiates actually starts a dialogue. In the end, there is acceptance on Sanjeev’s behalf of his wife’s idiosyncrasies and one feels that they have happy years in their future, like Mala and her husband and unlike Mr. and Mrs. Das.