In the Time of the Butterflies

Why did patria start praying to Trujillo

Why did she pray to him ?

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Patria does not worship Trujillo. She is only "praying" to him, because she believes he can help free her family, particularly her son Nelson. Evidence on page 202, clearly illustrates Patria's desperation to lure Trujillo. For instance, she remarks, "I wanted something from him, and the prayer was the only way I knew to ask"(202). In other words, Trujillo wasn't a figure worthy of worship. However, being a religious individual, Patria believed praying was the most ideal way to honor the dictator. Patria says something very interesting on page 203. Towards the middle of this page she remarks,"With a baby still tugging at my breast, a girl just filling out, and my young-man son behind bars, I wasn't ready to enter His kingdom." Given this quote, Patria may also be praying to Trujillo, because she isn't ready to fully devote herself to God. My question is, what is meant by God's kingdom? Can God's kingdom be both in heaven and on earth? If God's Kingdom is in heaven, then it is safe to conclude that Patria isn't ready to sacrifice her life for her family. Therefore, she is only praying to Trujillo because it is easier to satisfy him.