In the Time of the Butterflies

What change do you see in Dede's attitude towards the revolution?

ch 9

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Dede's use of exclamation in this chapter reflects her exasperation with her sisters as well as her growing sense of panic. She is frustrated with her sister's and afraid of recrimination. When Maria Teresa asks her to join their revolutionary cell, Dede says it is "As if they were inviting her to join a goddamn volleyball team!" This simile is meaningful since it was the volleyball game of their youth that first drew a line in the sand between Dede and Jaimito and Minerva and Lio, the revolutionaries. When Minerva asks if Dede could take some money out of her share of the house and lands in the future, so as not to have to borrow anything, Dede exclaims, "Too proud to just plain ask for help!"