In the Time of the Butterflies

Describe what happens to the following people after the sister's death: • Jaimito •Manolo•Pedrito•Leandro•Mama


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Manolo, Leandro, and Pedrito are all released from prison. Manolo becomes famous, and Leandro stays by his side until he goes up into the mountains trying to rally the people "when it all came down a second time." They accept amnesty, but they are shot when they come down from the mountains.

Mama passes away.

Jaimito and Dede divorce.

Pedrito remarries.


In the Time of Butterflies


What title does Dede give herself about the re telling of her sister's story? Why? Can you answer please

Sorry, I have looked and looked, but I can't find the name, and I don't have the novel here at home. I'm going to leave that question for Aslan to look at later this evening. He may know it right away, or possibly have the book with him. If I do come up with the correct answer, I will post it tonight.


Explain what happened on the night Lio went into hiding. What does this indicate about the political climate in the Dominican Republic?


Can you answer that please

I think chapter 5

I'm going to leave this question also. It requires details, and I don't have my hard copy of the book available. Aslan will be on at midnight, and I'm sure he will give you the details you need of he's able.

Explain how the SIM arrested the following people: •Leandro •Pedrito and Nelson • Manolo •Mate •Minerva

What does Dede mean when she thinks" the problem is I open my eyes and see for myself"?

Patria says" Once the goat was a bad memory in our past, that would be the real revolution we would have to fight: forgiving each other for what we had all left come to pass." What does she mean?