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In the Penal Colony Character List


Alternatively, the voyager, the researcher, from German, der Forschungsreisende, this man visits the penal colony to witness the torture performed under the command of the Officer. He sees the machine's operation and knows that a condemned man will be killed on it. The Explorer is beseeched to give a good review of the operation to the Commandment, who can either continue the torture or end it. His choice leads the Officer to condemn himself. 

The Soldier

This man guards the prisoners, ensuring that they face their torturous death. He operates as henchman to the Officer, and when the Explorer leaves the island, he leaves both the Soldier and the Condemned behind. 

The Condemned

This prisoner has come up on charges of having broken a law, but he doesn't know he's already considered guilty, and waits for a death he can't expect, waiting for his sentence to be etched into his skin. He is saved when the Officer decides to kill himself instead. 

The Officer

This man needs the Explorer to help him continue his torturous executions, but when the Explorer refuses to help him by reporting well to the Commandment, the Officer decides to torture himself and thus save the Condemned in an ironic messianic way. The Officer's plans go awry when the machine brutally kills him instead of letting him enjoy the religious experience that drawn out torture might bring to him.

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