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What rhetorical devices are used in In Cold blood in part 3 the answer?


marie b #178577
Apr 10, 2011 4:47 PM

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What rhetorical devices are used in In Cold blood in part 3 the answer?

I need two rhetorical devices that are used in Part 3 of the book. And the quote or the sentence that shows this.

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Sep 28, 2011 3:12 PM

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On page 194 Capote uses a simile comparing the effect of Dick's voice on Perry to a narcotic. This reinforces the idea that Dick has a strange power or hold over Perry, who seems "addicted" to Dick. On page 205 Capote employs another simile that compares Nancy to the source of the Arkansas river. The simile directly states that Nancy was "energetic, joyous," like the source of the river. The simile also reinforces Nancy's standing as a pure and innocent character, thereby escalating the intensity of the crime that was committed against her. The last few pages of the section Capote develops a parallel between two gray tomcats and Dick and Perry. The tomcats are scavengers, living off of the scraps of Garden City, much like Dick and Perry lived off the scraps of society. By the end of the section Dick and Perry are all but forgotten, similarly the townspeople have put Dick and Perry out of there mind and returned to their "warm rooms and warm suppers." Capote also places heavy emphasis on from pages 190 to about 210 on the fact that it is Christmas time. Capote hopes to generate sympathy for the two killers, hoping that society will find them worthy of another chance, in other words redemption. By juxtapositioning the iimages of Christmas with the harsh reality of the killers, Capote subtley pushes his readers in the direction of forgiveness.



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