In Cold Blood

What is Perry’s opinion of Dick’s secret? Use a quote from the book to reinforce your answer.

please include page number

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Dick's secret is that he likes to rape young girls.......

“He was sorry he felt as he did about her, for his sexual interest in female children was a failing of which he was sincerely ashamed—a secret he’d not confessed to anyone and hoped no on suspected…because other people might not think it normal” (201).

He was an extremely jealous man and particularly jealous of those with greater achievements........ but I don't believe that he ever shared this secret with Perry....... I'll have to look further, but I do know that this jealousy was something he kept hidden. he felt that he'd been robbed of his future...... that he could and been and done anything except for the fact that his parents didn't have enough money to send him to college. He was smart and a star athlete, but again, these things got him nothing more than youthful accolades.


In Cold Blood