In Cold Blood

Section 2

What aspects of the crime scene as observed by Al Dewey examining photographs foreshadow the eventual capture of the suspects?

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From the text:

As a matter of fact, one of the photographs, a closeup of Mr. Clutter and the mattress box upon which he lay, already provided a valuable surprise: footprints, the dusty trackings of shoes with diamond-patterned soles. The prints, not noticeable to the naked eye, registered on film...

And in studying the death-scene photographs Dewey had distinguished other details that seemed to support his notion of a murderer now and again moved by considerate impulses. "Or" - he could never quite find the word he wanted - "something fussy. And soft. Those bedcovers. Now, what kind of person would do that - tie up two women, the way Bonnie and the girl were tied, and then draw up the bedcovers, tuck them in, like sweet dreams and good night? Or the pillow under Kenyon's head. At first I thought maybe the pillow was put there to make his head a simpler target. Now I think, No, it was done for the same reason the mattress box was spread on the floor - to make the victim more comfortable."


In Cold Blood