In Cold Blood

In Cold Blood - Passage 4 Persons Unknown

Hi all. New here. Have a couple of questions if anybody can help me. Thanks!

In the paragraph beginning "Yesterday, after studying the papers," the structure of Perry's words to Dick is that of a(n)

A. Assertion followed by evidence

B. Effect followed by a series of causes

C. Question followed by several hypotheses

D. Dialogue between two hypothetical speakers

E. Series of unrelated anecdotes.


Perry most likely brings up Floyd Wells in order to

A. Remind Dick that they owe allegiance to a third party

B. Make Dick as angry as Perry is

C. Force Dick to Face Reality

D. Ascertain where Dick's loyalty lies

E. Divert the subject from the murders


Perry's words in the paragraph beginning "That was a riddle" contain all of the following rhetorical features EXCEPT

A. imagery

B. simile

C. apostrophe

D. Rhetorical question

E. Sentence Fragment


Dick's verbal responses to Perry's description of his premonitions and dreams could best be characterized as

A. Superstitious

B. Matter-of-fact

C. Condescending

D. Fascinated

E. Dismissive


The second half of the passage, which focuses on Perry and his dream, provides

I. Insight into his philosophy of life

II. Hints of his possible motivations for killing

III. Elaboration on the contrast between Perry and Dick

A. I only

B. III only

C. I and II only

D. II and III only

E. I II and III


As he is portrayed in this passage, Dick could LEAST be described as

A. Philosophical

B. Affable

C. Mercurial

D. Sanguine

E. Vengeful

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A. Assertion followed by evidence

Please list your questions separately.