In Cold Blood

Describe Dick’s family background. Why does he think that he and Perry have been picked up by the cops?


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Dick Hickock

Dick initiates the plan to rob the Clutters, but wavers when the time comes to carry out the murders, and instead becomes a bystander as Perry executes all four members of the family. Dick is a self-assured, smooth-talking petty criminal, who is always scheming to make a quick buck, but at times his bluster outstrips his real commitment to the plans he initiates. According to Perry, Dick is a “real masculine type,” a charismatic and commanding individual whom Perry feels compelled to “stick by,” in spite of his disapproval of some of Dick’s behaviors. By the end of the book, however, we become aware of some of Dick’s own insecurities: his failure to achieve financial security and support his first wife, Carol, and their three children, and his sexual interest in young girls, both of which he compensates for with bravado and reckless criminal actions.


He believes they've been picked up and are being questioned about hot checks.