Who learns the least in the book and who learns the most


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This is my OPINION......... I don't know if you can really have a right or wrong answer to this question...... it's all about how you see the characters;

Learns the most:

Agamemnon- his arrogance and lack of forethought results in Achilles abandonment of the Achaeans. I believe he learned that rash behavior affects far more than the person acting........ that his actions put his people in far more danger than he ever imagined.

Learned the least-

Achilles- Most people won't agree with this choice, and although the scene where Achilles is secretly approached by King Priam in order to beg for Hector's body is one of the most touching....... I still see Achilles as a headstrong boy who believes himself invincible. This belief of invincibility caused his death...... he didn't learn much.