Howards End


Please help me find out what the themes are

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Thematically, Forster's sole concern in the book can be seen in the epigram: "Only connect" as this echoes differences between the classes that Margaret seeks to bring together. But this becomes secondary when we see some of the following elements at work.

Central themes in the book include:

1. Conflict between inner (soul) and outer (body, materialism) aspects of life.

2. Money as a mode of social survival.

3. Woman's Rights in Edwardian Society

4. Liberalism vs. Conservatism

5. Art and Culture vs. Money and Wealth

Additionally, 'Howards End' becomes a symbol of England as a nation, and the question 'Who will inherit England' is tackled through the plot. It's generally a class-conscious book but DOES NOT concern the aristocrats or the poverty-stricken members of society, but solely focuses on the different level of ENGLISH MIDDLE-CLASS. Thus, it's a book teeming with bourgeois temperaments. Another aspect of the book is Forster's consideration of automobiles - technology, so to speak. See the 'THEMES' page here for more info. Hope this helps.

I'm sitting for Howards End in my A2 Level exam on the 10th! This is a waay better book than Hardy's Return of the Native.

Humans vs. time


howards end

The Importance of Connections (with yourself and other people)

Inner Life vs. Outer Life

Daily Life; the Unseen vs. the Seen


Regional Politics

Class and Culture

Gender Roles; Sexuality

All of these themes are detailed right here on gradesaver. Simply follow the link below.