How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents

how does Mami refusing to see the girls as individuals effect Yolanda and Sandra??

answer asap please

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I think they all have problems finding their own identities. They become rebellious and often look for themselves other things like drinking/drugs and especially men. Failed marriages and nervous breakdowns became a symptom of not knowing who they really are. Sandra is a deeply dissatisfied person, haunted by a gnawing emptiness that cannot be filled by beauty, lovers, scholarship awards, or work. She becomes obsessed with weight loss and suffers a nervous breakdown in graduate school, for which she is temporarily committed to a private mental hospital. Yolanda has a nervous breakdown during her first marriage and is committed to a private mental hospital where she suffers an "allergic reaction" to words like "love" and "alive." Her stories are often attempts to understand what fears, desires and personality traits have caused her romantic relationships to fail.