Hedda Gabler

What is Heddas beautiful Illusion?

is it just the idea of Lovborg killing himself in a fit of passion over loosing Thea and the manuscript?

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Brack moves swiftly to undermine Hedda’s “beautiful illusion.” The truth about Loevborg is that after leaving Hedda’s that morning he returned to Mademoiselle Diana’s, where he demanded the return of his “lost child.” While he was there, yet another physical struggle occurred, in the course of which Loevborg was somehow shot with his own pistol, not in the head or in the heart—as Hedda imagines—but in his intestines. Thus the “beautiful” act that she commissioned him to commit turns out instead to be “ridiculous and vile.” What she imagined as a poetic sacrament of self-affirmation turns out to be nothing but a sordid death in a whorehouse—an event by which, because of her vicarious presence, she has herself been sullied.