Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Cool book isn't it

I really liked this book, i have a doubt why J.K Rowling wrote another same book, socers stone again.

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Although I am American and read the Sorcerer's Stone rather then the Philosopher's Stone I wish J.K. Rowling would have left the original title because there are many books that are here in America that first started in other countries and you get a better feel for the book as well as the author if the original book/title is being read all over.

i think rowling just wanted to take her book further and then rename it instead actually continuing the book

I agree with sandy and melissa. Although i really do wish she had left the original title name just because in my opinion, i think its better. A 'philosopher' sounds more mysterious than sorcerer and it moves us to keep reading and find out what it is.

It was NOT Rowling who made all these changes, it was the publisher. It was the publisher who thought American kids would not do with the so-called britishisms. Rowling was actually against it.


Yes, this book is amazing... the Dursley's are such cruel nasty stupid people who's quality is to make Harry's life worse. It's been worse since his parents have died in Voldemort's attack.


The Dursley's aren't stupid people. they're just mean and nasty. Harry's life is getting worse. It's been worse since his parents have died in Voldemort's attack.

totally man.

I feel very sad about Harry's parents.

harry's parents were killed by lord voldemort

sure...I loved this book/movie.

Me too. But the title isn't very "catchy" anymore now that the publisher posted it as Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone instead of Harry Potter and Sorcerer's Stone.

I agree with Bella. Rowling shouldn't've changed the title because it doesn't sound interesting anymore.


Yeah, this book is great though I wish Rowling kept the other title to it because it would've been more easier to type in when I log on.

Yeah I love this book! Rowling is an amazing writer! I wish she made more Harry Potter books though.Oh well.Its okay.

i liked it ok.

This book was awesome. I liked it.

Bókin varð að vera smá blíður við mig en það var gott bara það sama .


Je l'ai aimé d'accord, mais il est toujours pas un bon titre ........ bien que je veux dire, je suppose que cela est un bon titre, mais tu sais ......... pas très bon.