Gulliver's Travels

Give a brief character sketch of reldresal

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Redresal is a friend of Gulliver's in Lilliput. He helps Gulliver settle into the strange new land and later helps to reduce Gulliver's possible punishment for treason from execution to having his eyes put out. He is one of the few Lilliputians to show a genuine interest in Gulliver.

Reldresal is a Principal Secretery in Lilliput and also styles himself as Gulliver' s friend- when Blogolam and Flimnap are agitating for Gulliver's death by poison, Reldresal suggests the kinder alternative of putting out his eyes to make him suffer more and then starve him to death.


Gulliver's Travels [Unabridged Edition] By Goyal Brothers Prakashan