Gulliver's Travels

Do you agree that chance played a great role in helping Gulliver attain his liberty from Brobdingnag? Support your answer.


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When Gulliver decides that he's been in Brobdingnag long enough (two years), he strongly feels that it is time to leave. He is basically being treated as a pet. But the royal family does not want to part with him. Coincidentally, on a trip to the seashore, a giant eagle picks up Gulliver's traveling box and flies off with him. Realizing that the box is not edible, the eagle drops it into the sea. After some time the box is picked up by a passing ship of Gulliver's normal proportions. Gulliver finds it very difficult to adjust to the size of things back in England. He feels much larger than the others. Was Gulliver's departure planned? No, it was by chance the eagle carried him off....