Grimm's Fairy Tales

What was the good fairies speech in sleeping beauty?

as a child I had a collection of grimm fairy tales I loved. In Sleeping Beauty after the evil fairy cursed the princess, the last good fairy stepped forward and gave a speech, something like: Safe from trouble, safe from strife, safe from all that threatens life. None shall touch her, none shall shake her, till a true prince comes to wake her." Would also like evil fairy's

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I have three separate versions of Grimm's Fairy Tales; do you know which version you're looking for? The first I checked didn't have it; I'll check on the other two for you and be back.

Sorry Jill, can't remember as I'm...old now, lol. It had the Swan Princess first I think...also included Rumplestiltskin (sp?), Rapunzel, not sure what else besides Sleeping Beauty. I'm also thinking it might have been The Brothers Grimm instead of Grimm's...but not sure there either as it was so well read that the cover was in shreds, lol. Hey, thanx for talking though.

I still looking, so check back. You never know...... I may find it yet. And old? Ummmmm, I might just qualify for that myself! :-D