During a scene in GATTACA, Vincent’s parents visited a doctor who specialized in child conception to select the best traits for his future brother. They hoped that his brother would have the best possible chances for a successful life. Some of the traits selected seem like a good decision, while others seem to cross ‘the line’. List some of the traits that were manipulated for Anton, Vincent’s brother and identify if you think each one is a trait that should be pre-selected before birth or is a trait that should be left to chance. What criteria did you use to decide which traits were acceptable to change and which ones were not? Whose decision should this be? Should there be laws about which traits could be manipulated and which should be left alone? Where should those laws draw the line?

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Much of your question is asking for your opinion rather than mine. Anton was given low probabilities for diseases like cancer and heart disease. Unlike Vincent, Anton had perfect eyesight and strong endurance.