Friday Night Lights

In friday night light what is the resolution?

Needs to be very descriptive?

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The resolution surrounds Permian's loss to Carter at the state championships. The epilogue provides much of the denouement. Bissinger gives us some information about the aftermath of Permian’s loss to The Carter Cowboys. The Cowboys go on to win the state final. Colleges and universities heavily court Derric Evans and Gary Edwards, two star players on the Carter team. They are jetted around to different schools in the nation. The boys’ mediocre academic abilities do not seem to be an issue with these schools. Both Derric and Gary are tempted with everything from luxury campus residence to even unofficial suggestions that expensive cars and girls could be also a part of their future at certain schools. With such a bright future, it is ironic when Derric and Gary commit the first of a string of armed robberies in May of 1989. After their arrest, public opinion once again falls behind racial lines. Both boys lose their scholarships. Brian Chavez gets into Harvard and onto their football team. Brian’s father is livid at coach Gaines for not sending Harvard the right tapes of Brian’s games. Football at Harvard, however, pales to the intensity of Permian MOJO and Brian loses interest in football; he decides to drop out of football and concentrate on his studies. Boobie Miles gets on a small college team but quickly becomes frustrated with the lack of glamor and his poor academic performance. The rest of the boys go on to other things in life; they never played high level football again.