In the novel Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything, what quotes relate to the topics taught in AP Human Geography.

Whoever can help me, I truly appreciate it. I am having a hard time making connections between the topics discussed in the book and the topics that will be discussed in AP Human Geography.

The topics consist of:

Geography: It's Nature and Perspective

Population and Migration

Cultural Paterns and Processes

Political Organization of Space

Agriculture, Food Production and Rural Land Use

Industrialization and Economic Development

Cities and Urban Land Use


(If additional clarification is needed, I provided the link to the course descripton. The information can be found on pages 6-10.)

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Freakonomics has it own website that deals specifically with the data gathered and used to make geographical conclusions about each of the topics above, in addition to looking at things like the murders of children in Detroit, the location of cities in France and England and why they did or did not survive. Freakonomics uses geography (maps) to create shocking visuals, which are intended to be graphic (no pun intended) and to educate us in all subjects. The direct link to their website can be found below.