Flowers for Algernon

Why didn't Fanny sign the petition?


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Fanny didn't think Charlie should be forced to leave, and she personally cites that although there's definitely something different, something wrong..... she thinks that possibly he's in league with the devil and should stop as quickly as possible. From the text:

Fanny Birden was the only one who didn't think I should be forced to leave,and despite their pressureand threats, she had been the only one not to sign the petition. "Which don't mean to say," she remarked, "that I don't think there's something mighty strange about
you, Charlie. The way you've changed! I don't know. You used to be a good, dependable man - ordinary,not too bright maybe, but honest-and who knows what you done to yourself to get so smart all of a sudden. Like everybody's been saying-it ain't right."



Flowers for Algernon