Flowers for Algernon

Could someone please help explain how these are significant and what happened and who was involved.

1.Leroy, 2.'3 blind mice', 3.cottage k, 4.Ms.Nemur, 5.'The algernon-Gordon effect',6. Parking tickets, 7.Napolean, 8.Dr.Guarino, 9.Rahajamati or Tanida, 10.his september visit to his mom: The outcome,and why, 11.His last therapy session with Dr.Strauss: Why its significant, 12.The final time he takes the Rorscach from Burt: What happens;why its sad, 13.Mr.Vernor: What happens, 14.His vivsit with alice, Oct 11, 15.His return to work at Donners Bakery, 16."See Jack, See Jack run, See Jack see"

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This is way too much to ask in just one question. I will say that this story is sad because in the end Charlie Gordon, whose intelligence has been enhanced for a time, loses that intelligence and goes from a brilliant man to the mentally deficient man he was from the beginning when he is introduced in the beginning of the story. Check all the GradeSaver resources.