Is Justice (the character) real or made up in his mind in FLIGHT by Sherman Alexie?

Is the character real or a figment of Zits imagination? what would support this?

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Justice is self-named; neither the reader nor Zits truly knows who he is. This allegorical nature is part of what makes him appear a philosopher to Zits, and lends credence to insights like this, even though they do not truly grapple with the complexities of life. This simplistic but evocative philosophy appeals to Zits partly because of his own desire for revenge, and partly because he expresses himself through arson. Ultimately, Justice serves a pure expression of a part of Zits that he eventually learns to transcend. In each of his transformations, he questions some of his assumptions, about revolution, about destruction, and about revenge, until philosophies like these only matter as something Zits has to learn to live without.