• The Family (Arkansas politics), a 19th-century American political coalition
  • "The Family," a group of powerful Carolina planters who, early in the 18th century, settled illegally in the Cape Fear (region) of colonial North Carolina; opposed by Royal Governor George Burrington
  • The Family (club), a private club formed in San Francisco in 1901
  • The Family (Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 1972 to 1985), a group of approximately 60 to 100 runaway street children who populated Fort Lauderdale's beach; most were petty criminals to support themselves and each other. (Reference - Tropic Magazine, Oct. 9, 1977, "Ft. Lauderdale's Children of the Night.")
  • Family Radio, a non-commercial traditional religious broadcasting network in the United States
  • Manson Family, followers of criminal Charles Manson
  • The Family Murders, an alleged conspiracy in Adelaide, Australia, in the late 1970s to the mid-1980s
  • "The Family," an American terrorist cell indicted in 2005-06 as a result of the FBI's Operation Backfire

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