Falling Man Themes

Falling Man Themes


Loss is a broad theme that encompasses both tragedy and death. Both are shown in the book Falling Man. Not only have the characters lost their faith in the world after the attacks of 9/11, but they have lost their way in the world. No one really knows what to do and lives are being torn up because of it. The characters Keith and Lianne cannot re-secure their relationship with each other, and Lianne's mother Nina breaks up with Martin. Everything in this book is being torn up and lost just because of the actions of a few.


Everyone in this book has terrible memories of what happened on that terrible day. Lianne works with Alzheimer's patients, who are slowly losing their memories. Lianne, while working with these patients, fears that the same thing might happen to her. Lianne and Keith have recollections of the attacks, both of them fearing that there might be another attack one day. In all, every character is filled with memories, almost all of them bad.

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