Fallen Angels

when lobel suggest that the squad members are the bad guys from a movie the killers perry dissagrees with whom do you agree? and why?

the book fallen angels

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Lobel isn't able to justify the reason they're fighting the war, or why people are dying. He sees everything in black and white, and tend to look at the world as if he's directing a film. This enables him to distance himself from the reality and look at things like they're happening to someone else. By imagining that he's not really participating in the war himself, but rather playing a part in a movie; he's allowed to be the "good" guy. Unfortunately, Lobel isn't able to continue in his fantasy world, and the horrors of war eventually intrude.

Do I agree? In the case of war, I'd have to say whatever gets you through the experience can't be wrong. I've never been there, never experienced it, and would never deem myself to be in a position where I could judge someone else's feeling or actions.


Fallen Angels