Ezra Pound: Poems

help with Ezra Pound's "The Return "

I need an analysis of 'The Return", its socio-historical context :(

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There is a fantastic article available at the website listed below. This article should help you formulate a detailed answer.



Because "The Return," is so distant in its menaing (it could actually have many), I have to tell you that I don't see a true socio-historical context in this work. It's about hunters returning to the hunt...... but again, that's what I hear in its words.

On another note, I found this written about Pound and The Return.

"In some sense we have two Pounds: on the one hand, one of the

principal inventors of modern poetry, who throughout his career (and not merely in his early years) created novel modes of poetic writing and led the way in showing others how many things modern poetry could be; on the other hand, a political undesirable, whose attempts to theorize his art and to give it a social role are too involved with his reprehensible anti-Semitic theory – for Pound was not simply a bigot or racist but a committed anti-Semitic theorist."